Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Shipping a Month after Photokina 2018 ?

NIkon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Concept

According to recently interview with Nikon Executive, upcoming Nikon full frame mirrorless camera will be released before Spring of 2019. Now NR has just posted something new about Nikon mirrorless cameras. The upcoming Nikon full frame mirrorless camera will be shipping shortly after Photokina 2018, around one month after Photokina. While the official announcement will be before Photokina, this is same as rumored before.

Other roundup rumors about Nikon’s new mirrorless cameras:

  • New Nikon full frame mirrorless camera will be shown at Photokina in September.
  • One new Nikon full frame mirrorless camera and two new full frame mirrorless lenses will be announced around Photokina in September with another batch of lenses following shortly after (4-6 months after Photokina)
  • A large number of new mirrorless lenses for Nikon mirrorless camera is in developing
  • The new Nikon mirrorless camera will use all new Nikon Z-mount
  • Nikon is putting a lot of R&D in the viewfinder
  • Very sophisticated new F-mount adapter for the upcoming Nikon mirrorless cameras.
  • Nikon new mirrorless camera will have two electric AF motors

via: NR

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