Another Confirmation: Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera to be Announced on August 23rd !

Japanese website Nikkei has confirmed that Nikon will officially announced the full frame mirrorless camera on August 23rd, same as previous rumored date. Another Japanese website NEWSWITCH also confirmed that Nikon will announced full frame mirrorless camera on August 23rd.

From Nikkei:

Nikon is going to enter into the mirrorless market with development speed accelerated, since it doesn’t have any strategic products among major makers. Nikon has decided to have press release for a new product on August 23rd in Tokyo. Details regarding the price and the release date haven’t been yet decided, but Nikon is expected to release as early as this fall.

Nikon’s mirrorless camera is likely to compete head-on with Sony’s. Nikon is going to differentiate with its best optical technology including lenses. Canon, the largest maker which is expanding its share with an entry model, is advancing development rapidly. An executive from Canon says “We are going to respond to the demand in the high-spec mirrorless”.


In addition to the replacement lens of the new mount for the camera, details such as specifications, price, release date, etc. will be announced on August 23. The camera can also be fitted with lenses for single lens reflex cameras via adapters.